✅ The 7 Best GPS Cycling Computers in [2021]


Best GPS Cycling Computers

Spending on succeeding level, provide you with important information on your achievement and introduce you to a social association of like-minded riders. But with a frequently busy market, which thing does one go for? Buying a GPS Cycle Computers could be adaunting task. So, this guide will tell you what to appear for when buying a GPS Cycle Computer for your bike.


Best GPS Cycling Computers

Quick Answer: The 5 Best GPS Cycling Computers – [2021]

  1. CAT EYE – Padrone Wireless Bike Computer
  2. Garmin Edge 520 Plus, Gps Cycling/Bike Computer for Competing and Navigation
  3. LEZYNE Enhanced Super GPS Cycling Computer
  4. CAT EYE – Velo 9 Wired Bike Computer
  5. Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt GPS Bike Computer
  6. Magellan CY0315SGHNA Cyclo 315hc GPS Cycling Computer
  7. Bryton Rider 450 GPS Bike Computer

Best GPS Cycling Computers Reviews

#1- CAT EYE – Padrone Wireless Bike Computer


  • Flextight universal mounting bracket
  • Display: 2.65 x 1.7
  • ClickTec button interface
  • Easy to Navigate
  • CR2032 battery
This is a good GPS Cycle Computers. It’s the most effective one you’ll own that’s wireless, meaning that you simply not need to conclude out the simplest thanks to route a wire from your front forks to the pc unit.

Wireless installation is hassle-free and provides a cleaner look to your bike. In fact, practically anyone could install the Padrone themselves. Including seeing the instructions, it took only half-hour .

There are only 3 elements to put in – a magnet on your handles, a sensor on your spears and also the computer mount on your bars. Between its big screen and simple wireless setup, CatEye’s Padrone is superb for those that need an uncomplicated, squint-free riding computer.

It’s full of essential features like speed, length, and time, plus the auto start/stop indicates you will always have an actual ride time and distance for tracking your progress.

#2- Garmin Edge 520 Plus, Gps Cycling/Bike Computer for Competing and Navigation


  • Comes with compatible ANT+ indoor
  • Display resolution is 200 x 265 pixels
  • Bluetooth: 4.0
  • Easy to Navigate
  • Features like Automatic uploads, live tracking
The Garmin Edge 520 is an exceptional GPS Cycle Computers for its price point. Its blend of functionality and form is almost unmatched, and its preloaded course navigation feature is adequate for about the foremost difficult navigation needs.

The Garmin Edge 520 bike GPS offers an extended range of features, and it’s affordable, strong and simple to figure . The interface is automatic, and its ability to match with a smartphone and outdoors sensors exposes a world of fantastic functionality, whether you’re practicing or competing.

For its purpose and value, the Garmin Edge 520 is Top Ten Bronze Award winner. The cycling computer highlights a bright color screen that’s much simpler to read than the monochrome screens typically found in lesser bike GPS units.

You’ll manually change the brightness of the image whenever you would like to, for easier viewing. Though the screen lacks a touchscreen function, there are various buttons on all sides that are easy to practice.

#3- LEZYNE Enhanced Super GPS Cycling Computer


  • Comes with Odometer, Barometer
  • Features Wireless: Bluetooth, ANT+
  • Battery life: 22 hours
  • Battery Type: Lithium polymer
  • Easy to navigate
This GPS Cycle Computers has X-mount on rock bottom which is different and remain nearly as flush because the mounts on Garmin and Wahoo do. When it’s on the stalk it sits very tall and lightweight .

The micro-USB charging port is roofed behind a protecting rubber bung to assist defend it from water intrusion. Battery life may be a required 22 hours, and while it’s always hard to urge the utmost out of a machine, the Lezyne lasts a lengthy time.

It has black and white, touchscreen screen. The screen is additionally very easy to read because there’s very small to read or be entertained by. you’ll also enhance or reduce the contrast counting on what you fancy.

It’s agreeable with ANT+ sensors, including Garmin’s, otherwise you can purchase Lezyne ones definitely. If you’re compared with Training Peaks you’ll also load training plans to the device for indoor training sessions. It’s impressively strong for such a little unit.

#4- CAT EYE – Velo 9 Wired Bike Computer


  • Wired speed sensor
  • Larger screen and clock
  • Displays current, max, and average speed
  • Easy to navigate
  • Dimensions: 4.2 x 3 x 1.5 inches
Cateye Velo 9 GPS Cycle Computers is that the entry level 9 function computer. The new, larger screen is even easy to know and found out is formed easy with pre-programmed tire dimensions. Its sleek, short and minimal design allows it to combine in with any bikes aesthetics whilst providing you precise data readings.

Along side current, average, and max speed range track your trip distance, time period , and odometer. Now starring calorie loss and carbon offset analysis to assist you track what proportion of a distinction you’re performing.

The computer was easy to put in and cozy to calibrate. The function button is great and simple to push. With other computers, you’ll easily use it to urge it to modify to successive function.

And what you’ll like most is that the batteries last permanently. The wireless computer’s batteries have an extended lifetime and also the rechargeable ones forever seem to offer call at the midst of the ride. This computer is definitely hassled free.

#5- Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt GPS Bike Computer


  • Gives accurate progress status
  • 100% Wireless
  • Compatible with ANT+, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi
  • Easy to navigate
  • Easy to line up
ELEMNT is that the best GPS Cycle Computers that use the automated interface of your smartphone to pair, customize settings, configure workout pages, and link to desire cycling apps and wireless sensors. Post-ride, the app stores exercise history and automatically syncs to your connected third party Apps.

Wireless route downloads turn-by-turn cues from favorite apps. Cycling optimized routes give free pre-loaded maps from throughout the planet . ELEMNT makes it easy to match any road.

Pair your phone to induce emails, text messages and call alerts or activate don’t bother. With live and group tracking, go browsing to get friends out traveling in real time. ELEMNT bike computers make it simple to remain in-tuned when you’re out on a visit . The Wahoo Elemnt relates to peripherals via ANT+, to smartphones with Bluetooth, and to your house network on Wi-Fi.

#6- Magellan CY0315SGHNA Cyclo 315hc GPS Cycling Computer


  • 3″ color touchscreen
  • Rugged and waterproof
  • 130 ANT+ sensors
  • Easy to navigate
  • Include pulse monitor
The screen of the GPS Cycle Computers is lively and bright this is often why it’s ideal for the cycle. Cyclists won’t be tired when watching eccentric numbers and figures, though there are surely people who prefer their devices that way.

The screen is transflective thoroughly, which suggests that direct sunlight isn’t working to forestall cyclists from viewing the display which is useful if you favor to easily take a glance rather than having to actually target the screen.

Making matters easy for even amateur cyclists, the interface of the 315hc is easy and sports large buttons that provide even gloved fingers to simply navigate through the wants .

This enables for quick settings on the fly without having to hamper or stop collectively just to urge things right. And if you stray then the manual explains all the features very obviously.

#7- Bryton Rider 450 GPS Bike Computer


  • Large and easy-to-read display
  • 7 customizable data screen
  • Built-in compass
  • Easy to navigate
  • Built-in barometer
This GPS Cycle Computer features a best-in-class battery life, and you’ll find it’s some extent on the desired 33-hour battery life. It always came as astonishment when the low battery information flashed on the screen. Conversing of the screen, it covers an outsized 2.6in and may display 12 metrics per page, and there are up to seven pages of customizable screens possible.

Also with 12 metrics on the screen, the high-contrast unit still illustrates each box large preferably be read at a glance . While the menus were frustrating they might be seen, the sole real flaw was with the mapping.

To be fair, it’s really rare we use those features anyhow and even then it had been only the point-to-point navigation that caused interest.

Buyer’s Guide For Best GPS Cycling Computers

Best GPS Cycling Computers

Things To Think About While Buying GPS Cycle Computers

  • Mapping and Navigation
  • Phone connectivity
  • Mounting options
  • Training Data
  • Sensors
  • Size and Screen

Mapping and Navigation

GPS mapping and navigation is merely observed on the more premium devices and successively , do have a large tag . Lesser detailed navigation are often detected within the kind of cheap mapping. this is often where a line and an arrow show the right direction so you’ll judge a rough estimation of where you would like to be traveled – and if you explode the route, the arrow pops the way too so you recognize once you have gone opposite! Going for a bike computer that has this capacity are often an honest compromise.

Phone Connectivity

Mobile phone connectivity is superb for variety of reasons. The matches offer Bluetooth connectivity and share knowledge with compatible phones and include pieces like music control, spoken directional mapping, incoming call, and text alerts and even the power to upload drive data to the cloud.

Mounting Options

An important think about GPS Cycle Computer, but one that’s easily neglected is how the device attaches to the bike. Most GPS units hook up with either the handlebar or the stem of the bike. Others, like those produced for multisport, could also be used as a wristwatch, but this isn’t a superb viewing area for cycling.

Training Data

Many trained athletes have some of their training data with breakfast every morning. the info from their earlier rides assist both riders and cyclists in learning how their performance improves and if any procedures they’re trying is functioning as planned. Training data of GPS Cycle Computer is usually reported in conjunction with the guts rate and sometimes even special pedal sensors are applied to point out the facility output of every pedal. Devices also are ready to combine with some automatic shifting systems to also record your gear selection.


If education and race data are what you’re after, then connecting sensors to your GPS Cycle Computer using Bluetooth or ANT+ technology should be your subsequent step. there’s a trove of knowledge to be mined from your exercise plan and interpreting the results from your last few races or practice rides can allow you to compete far more competitively. Sensors incorporate a pulse monitor, meter and speed sensor also as power sensors that combine the output from one or both pedals.

Size and Screen

Some people won’t mind having precious cockpit space crashed upon by technology, but others wish to keep everything neat and smooth and it’s for that purpose it’s an honest idea to believe where you’re getting to need the pc to take a seat . You’ll also want to think about screen size and character. If you actually require a small bike computer there are some seriously small ones on offer, but you need ensuring that you simply can deal with that tiny screen.

Other GPS Cycle Computer Characteristics

  • Battery Life
  • Backlight
  • Data Transfer
  • Readability
  • Multi-bike Use

Battery Life:

GPS bike computers use a built-in rechargeable battery with a variety of up to twenty hours; smartphones employing a GPS and cycling app last about 5 – 8 hours. Magnetic units use 1 or 2 watch batteries, usually a CR2032, which may last several years.


A backlight characteristic makes your screen more readable than does lighting a helmet light on the screen.
Multiple data screens: Data could also be assigned to one screen or several screens you’ll scroll through with the push of a button. Screen rights could also be determined or customizable.

Data Transfer:

If you would like to transfer data to education program software, website or a social fitness site, get GPS models, including smartphones, feed to the present .


Magnetic units have a hardened font size. GPS models may have a chance to vary font size. alittle font that’s easy to ascertain while fixed could also be blurred by road vibration when on the move.

Multi-bike Use:

Some units, typically the higher-end GPS models, are often exchanged between 2 or 3 bikes and save aggregate data for every bike during a separate file.


Now that we’ve reached at the top of the article for purchasing GPS Cycle Computer, you’ll easily get the clear picture of how you ought to buy a computer for your cycle and what belongings you should consider. So, without dalliance withdraw and buy an appropriate GPS Cycle Compute now.

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