✅ The 6 Best MTB Saddles in [2020]


Best MTB Saddles

Mountain biking is an extremely exciting and adventurous outside carrying activity, furnished it renders all the relief for long distance riding. An uncomfortable saddle is a pain on the lower back and has all the potentials to spoil an in any other case successful driving trip. A bad saddle can also inhibit the motion on the path particularly for these who try challenging maneuvers.

But selecting the right saddle is now not that hard and does not cost that big. We have listed the pinnacle best MTB saddles right here that are of the exceptional fantastic at a at ease fee point. Learn through their specs earlier than making the purchase decision.

We hope our shopping for information helps you with the information of what to seem to be for an MTB saddle. Let us explore the best saddles with their buying information and recommendations.

Best MTB Saddles

The 6 Best MTB Saddles – [2020]

  1. WTB Rocket Saddle
  2. Fabric Scoop Elite Saddle
  3. Brooks Saddles B15 Swallow Bicycle Saddle
  4. WTB Speed Saddle
  5. selle ITALIA SE Padded Bike Saddle
  6. Ergon SMC4 Sport Gel Saddle

Best MTB Saddles Reviews

1. WTB Rocket Saddle

At The Glance:

  • Extremely durable and low-cost saddle
  • Narrow width
  • Favors smaller riders
  • Offers exceptional electricity transfer
  • Microfiber cover

The WTB Rocket saddle is a company mountain bike saddle with the hammock like shape. It is the quality sale for those riders who do no longer cross around much on the saddle.

Though the saddle is narrow, it favors smaller riders and helps in a cozy mountain trip irrespective of the terrain. Along with company paddling, the saddle additionally elements superb energy transfer. The slim saddle has a noticeable upward jab at its tail presents it a awesome sweet spot.

The saddle is first-class proper on mountain bikes, avenue bikes and in bikes supposed for pass us of a riding. Its cover is of microfiber cloth that is clean and ventilates better in hit conditions. Its body is of awesome rail fabric construction, that is carbon, titanium, and steel.

2. Fabric Scoop Elite Saddle

At The Glance:

  • Dimensions: 142mm x 282 mm
  • Available in three exclusive shapes
  • Nylon shell for all-day comfort
  • Excellent sturdiness with chromoly rails
  • Weatherproof micro cover
  • Waterproof microfiber covering

The Fabric scoop elite saddle is a brand new saddle in the market and is an fantastic combine of comfort, performance, and unique construction. It is undoubtedly a multi-disciplinary saddle that poses a special construction.

The saddle works gorgeous in all types of bikes and on all terrains, be it on the roads, on the gravel or on the trail. The scoop’s saddle is all about versatility and exquisite performance.

It contains a three-part saddle constructing procedure and is as a consequence rather strong. The saddle is accessible in three different shapes as nicely to fit the body types of unique people and also their using styles.

Its light-weight nylon base ensures the great flexibility and is Chromoly rails make sure a lightweight, solid and a long lasting saddle interface. Its microfiber covering has waterproofing and stands up to years of use.

3. Brooks Saddles B15 Swallow Bicycle Saddle

At The Glance:

  • Handmade saddle with regular techniques
  • Lightweight titanium rails
  • Versatile and cosy for road and MTB bikes
  • Best sporting design
  • Elastic saddle
  • Weight: 490 grams

The Brooks saddles feature the most gorgeous plan of all saddles and are craft with its 100-year-old normal technique. It is handy in two versions, one proposing the authentic chromium plated metal work and the different providing the a good deal lighter titanium metalwork. The tensioning plate on the underside of the saddle has the patent for the first ever saddle model of Paris.

The light-weight titanium rails of the seat render it a vast discount in contrast with the swallow chrome. It is a rather versatile and satisfied saddle that is best for both street bikes and Mountain bikes.

It facets a timeless diagram and is a faithful replica of traditional saddles conceived with the wants of carrying cyclists. The B15 is indeed an elastic saddle with a hundred percent tubular steel rivets and weighs simply 290 grams.

4. WTB Speed Saddle

At The Glance:

  • Product dimensions: two 8 x 3 x 3 inches
  • Weight: 13.6 ounces
  • Softshell base saddle
  • Renders sufficient padding
  • Recreational saddle for mountain and avenue bikes
  • Steel rails

WTB velocity saddle makes use of the twin compound and shock absorbing smooth shell base so as to render unparalleled remedy for the biker. Its mid dimensions and huge supportive padding makes it a favored saddle amongst bike enthusiasts.

The soft shell base with dual compounds helps in cozy riding for all day and also helps to absorb vibrations. Its impartial form and mid-size dimensions make certain that the saddle works for extraordinary sorts of riders.

This recreational avenue and mountain bike saddle with steel rails suit in all types of bikes. Its synthetic cowl along with the smooth shell ensures that the rider is stored cosy even at a day-long bike trip.

The saddle weighs tremendously much less at 369 grams and its dimensions ensure that the returned is supported well on the saddle.

5. selle ITALIA SE Padded Bike Saddle

At The Glance:

  • Dimensions: 8 x 12.9 x 3 inches
  • Weight: 11.2 ounces
  • Finest best and relaxed bike saddle
  • EVA inner padding
  • Anatomical centre cut-out
  • Durable microfiber outer layer

The Sella Italia is the pleasant saddle for these bikers who prefer a difficult seat. The manufacturer has been in existence for extra than 120 years and has been manufacturing comfy saddles for bikes with the finest quality.

It is one of the lightweight and race-ready microfiber at the most comfortable price point. The saddle has an anatomical middle cutout component so as to defend the tender tissues at some point of long distance biking.

The saddle has splendid inner padding to take in vibration and to render a satisfied seating position. Its Italian crafting and stunning race look are its excellent qualities. The fiberglass shell of the saddle couples with its manganese rails to provide the perfect mixture of softness and durability.

To keep away from soreness and inner muscle injury, the saddle points anatomical padding and cutaway. The outer layer of the saddle elements microfiber to render its trademark softness.

6. Ergon SMC4 Sport Gel Saddle

At The Glance:

  • Dimensions: 15 x 8 x 3 inches
  • Weight: 1.05 pounds
  • CroMo rails
  • Nylon composite shells
  • Microfiber cover
  • Available in two seat widths

The Ergon SMC4 Sports saddle gel is of the excellent CroMo rails that render the saddle its trademark longevity and durability. Its shell is of nylon composite and it is included with microfiber for breathability.

The sit down bone width of the seat is on hand in two unique sizes, namely medium with the width of 11-13cm and sit down bone width massive with 13-15cm width. For neighborhood trails and mountain roads that demand miles of bone wrecking using over rocks and roots, this serves as the great saddle.

Its ample padding presents a cozy using position up to the alley. Its orthopedic alleviation foam padding and the shape improve a soothing driving comfort.

Apart from foam padding the saddle also consists of gel wraps and pads in a durable and tender microfiber cover to endure years of abuse. It additionally points a stress relief channel that traverses from the middle of the saddle to the extremes so as to render a supportive using platform.

Points to think about while choosing the pleasant MTB saddle

Best MTB Saddles

Choosing the Right mountain bike saddle is a daunting venture and needs plenty of time and cautious considerations. An uncomfortable saddle can show difficult on the again and might result in shoulder ache and different joint pains. Some important components of MTB saddles are,

  • Width
  • Padding
  • Length
  • Shape
  • Cut-outs

1. Width:

The width of the saddle is the essential point to think about as it helps the sacral joints. In order to choose the most fitting one, one has to understand the distance between their Sacral joints. Most of the fashions come with different widths to strive and choose.

Width by myself is no longer the solely indicator of alleviation and additionally the length of the padding and the attitude of the saddle. Finding the pleasant becoming saddle is a daunting challenge for female as they have wider hip joints. But for most women, they want to use a male or a unisex mannequin as they in shape better.


2. Padding:

The most frequent fabric for saddle padding is the foam or EVA padding. Foam paddings come with specific levels of firmness depending on their charge point. Padding helps with shock absorption in the saddle. Some saddles additionally use gel and squishier layers that conform to the shape of the body.

Gel padding does no longer have structural helps as that of foam however is additionally a exact padding cloth for saddles. But softer padding in the saddles does not equal its personal comfort.

For some users, too soft paddles create deep pressure in the fleshy parts and now not the bones. Ill-fitting saddle and thick padding can cut off circulation in the muscle groups of the lower back as well.

3. Length:

The size of the saddle relies upon on the riding fashion of the biker. The longer nostril of the seat helps with more than one using positions. The rider can additionally shift their weight ahead and lower back and it helps them the pleasant whilst mountain climbing up the trek. The rider has to make sure that the size of the saddle does not inhibit aspect to facet motion and whilst getting on and off the bike.

4. Shape:

The transitional structure of the saddle from the seat to the nose can make a massive difference in the fit. Some saddle may additionally feature a square shape, whilst others characteristic a cosy and curved transition from the seat to the nose.

For the rider who sense numbness in their gluteal muscle tissues and thighs after the ride, then the curvature of the saddle is the culprit. They can pinch the pressure points obstructing blood float down the legs.

Also, saddles are either flat or have a curve on the top of it, some riders decide on a flat saddle while others prefer a curved one. The curve can be lengthwise from the nostril to the tail and across the seat of the saddle. In order to find the great suit saddle, it is a appropriate idea to attempt various fashions with distinct curvatures in the user’s width.

5. Cut-outs:

Those who witness steady ache and numbness in the gentle muscle, then they have to test the top of the saddle. If the height of the saddle is perfect and there is nevertheless pain, then pick a saddle with a deep channel and a cut-out. The cutout or the channel of the saddle can relieve strain down the center of the saddle.

Saddles with unsuitable cutoffs offer a feeling of sinking down with no support. Choosing a flat saddle is additionally the great choice for such problems.

Understanding Your Mountain Bike Saddle:

Understanding the design of the saddle helps in shopping for the fine saddle for the mountain bike in one go without having to waste cash on different variants. There are two primary techniques to the saddle design, namely the dropped and the flared wings. Flared saddles unfold out of the surface place to provide extra take a seat platform whereas drop designs decrease the seating area and render a narrower profile.

 The next component to parent out is the type and quantum of cushioning that one needs. The paddle have to not be too soft or too hard and it need to now not reason numbness in the sacral region. The proper saddle helps with long rides besides any pain or numbness at least for an hour.

 The extent of nose shedding is additionally an issue, some riders desire their nose to be out of their way, as a good deal as possible to avoid snagging their shorts. Whereas, some trailers like a longer nostril for a forward bend while climbing and to snatch with their thighs in technical descents.

 Some saddles have a center cutout, which is indeed a channel that divides the saddle along its length. The notion of the reduce is to relieve stress from the sacral bones and the perineum. The reinforcement of its facet edges takes up most of the abuse in the tournament of a crash.

 The perforation on the top of the saddle affords added relief and air flow and also helps to gather all the moisture in the rain. The fabric of the saddle additionally influences the weight of the saddle, carbon saddles are the lightest whereas vanadium, aluminum or titanium can be slightly heavy. Steel rails are the heaviest of all and are available at a decrease price though.


Types of Bicycle Saddles

There are numerous patterns and sorts of bike seats that fits one’s body kind and the fashion of riding. A wide variety of saddles have been developed over the years for both fitness motives and aesthetic reasons. There are basically three kinds of bike saddles, namely comfort, racing and cruiser saddles.

  • Racing saddles
  • Comfort saddles
  • Cruiser saddles
  • Other types


Racing saddles:

Racing saddles are long and slender and are supposed for road racing and riding. They suit quick and continuous pedalling for lengthy hours, they are intended to permit full motion barring chafing.

These saddles shift the rider ahead so that greater weight is a shift on the hands and the ft and not on the seat. Saddles for avenue bikes are thin, mild and tough whereas mountain bikes are skinny with sufficient padding.


Comfort saddles:

Comfort saddles are huge with desirable padding and additionally hold the graph to permit effortless pedalling. They are intended for long distance visiting and are able to absorb a exact quantum of vibration and shock from difficult roads and mountain trails. Women-specific saddles are beneath this class and they hold wider seats to go well with the women’s anatomy.

 Cruiser saddles:

These are huge saddles with large paddling and are nice for entertainment driving in upright positions. These saddles have loads of cushioning and have ample aid at both its ends. Its upright handlebars on the cruisers suggest that the person can levy a lot of their weight at once on the seats.

These have a extensive seat to help the entire weight of the paddler and are recognized as banana saddles. Their long form and nicely padding on their shell finds them with vast use in children’s bikes.

Other types:

There is some revolutionary and new kind of saddle that hits the market from time to time. These consist of the inflatable saddles, saddles with cushioning for each cheek and saddle with water or air-filled covers.


Design, Features, and Materials of the Saddle:

The Saddle is complicated mountain bike add-ons that are composed of a variety of aspects such as the shell, rails, cover and the suspension.

  • Shell
  • Cover
  • Rails
  • Suspension


The shell is what that creates the structure of the saddle and is of carbon fiber, molded plastic, leather-based or nylon. Nylon shell is long seen to be the most satisfied as it confines to the shape of the rider. It is highly-priced and is much less weather resistant than other shell materials.


Most of the saddles have a cowl that varieties the padding on top of the shell. The cowl ought to be of fabric, gel, vinyl, lycra combination or leather. Some riders can also purchase extra covers and pads to put on the in any other case uncomfortable saddles.


The rail is what that connects the saddle to the bike and additionally runs along its underside. There are typically two parallel rails with rail and nose adjustments and are made of aluminum, titanium, steel, carbon fiber or may be strong or hollow.

Some of the new saddle fashions have rails integrates with the shell or have pivotal seat boats. Some of the new saddle kinds have i-beam that extends along the length of the saddle and makes use of two different clamping bolts.


The suspension machine of the saddles comes from its components such as springs and the elastomers that are certainly built with the saddles. They assist with shock absorption whilst biking over difficult terrains.


We hope our listing of pinnacle Best MTB saddles and the shopping for information helps you in deciding on the most optimum saddle seat for your MTB bike.

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