✅ The 5 Best Bike Trailers in [2020]


Best Bike Trailer For Kids

One of the most effective ways to take care of a lively lifestyle with the family is to take a position in bike trailers. The bike trailers for teenagers will help them to accompany their parents during their exercise regimen. The best bike trailers for teenagers not just allow the parent to continue cycling, but also renders positive influence on the kids.

Being active also helps them develop healthy habits for the longer term . For all those that are looking to begin their own active lifestyle with the family, then this is often the guide for you. We’ve also simplified the work easy for you and have listed the best bike trailers here along side their buying guide.


Best Bike Trailers

Quick Answer: The 5 Best Bike Trailers – [2020]

  1. Instep Bike Trailer for Kids, Single and Double Seat
  2. Burley Design Bee, 2 Seat, Lightweight, Kids Bike-Only Trailer
  3. Thule Strolling Kit
  4. Schwinn Rascal Bike Pet Trailer, For Small and Large Dogs
  5. Allen Sports Deluxe Steel 2-Child Bicycle Trailer

Best Bike Trailers Reviews

#1. Instep Bike Trailer for Kids, Single and Double Seat


Special Features:

  • 16” pneumatic tires with molded rims
  • Folding frame design
  • Quick-release wheel
  • 2 in 1 canopy with bug screen and weather shield
  • Versatile bike trailer
  • Material: rubber and steel
  • Maximum weight limit: 40 pounds
This is one among the best bike trailers for teenagers that’s designed with the sporty 2 in 1 canopy. It features a mesh bug screen and a weather shield to guard the youngsters from the rainy rides and therefore the pesky bugs.

The trailer has 16 inches tires with air for a smooth ride and its molded rims help with extra durability. This is often a light-weight trailer with universal coupler hitch and it easily attaches with any sort of bike. The sync trailer comes with three colors namely blue, red and green.

Inside the trailer, the harness keeps the youngsters seated securely because the parent pedals along. it’s easy to get rid of the wheels and fold it neatly together for convenient storage and transport.

The trailer holds one child and has the utmost weight-bearing capacity of 40 pounds. You and your kid are good to travel within the Instep sync single bicycle trailer. It features a sporty two in one green and grey canopy with bug and weather shields. Kids will certainly love the planning and features of the stroller.

#2. Burley Design Bee, 2 Seat, Lightweight, Kids Bike-Only Trailer


Special Features:

  • Dimensions: 2 x 30 x 36 inches
  • Weight: 19.95 pounds
  • Tinted side and rear windows
  • Rear window ventilation
  • Interior seated height: 27.5 inches
  • Interior seat width: 22.5 inches
  • Compact fold design
  • Easy to store and transport
  • Rear cargo space
  • Hammock style seat
  • Compact fold
  • Excellent visibility
This is one among the budget-friendly and ASTM certified bike trailers for cargo and youngsters available within the market today. It’s lightweight and can keep the small tots contented while the oldsters buzz around within the neighborhood.

They’re nimble, easy to use and are perfect for exploring. These are entry-level trailers and enable the daily excursions of the user with safety and sturdiness . Thi trailer has large rear cargo space to pack things for the journey.

The trailer features a hammock-style seat to accommodate the kid and to make sure that the kid doesn’t sit on the ground of the trailer. It also features a standard helmet pocket and 5-point harness system. there’s also Velcro on the seat if the users wish to add more padding for extra accessories.

The trailer also folds flat for simple storage and transportation. Visibility is that the top concern while biking. Its covers have reflective piping and there are reflectors on the wheels also.

#3. Thule Strolling Kit


Special Features:

  • Dimensions: 66” x 24.4” x 14.76”
  • Weight: 28.2 pounds
  • Designed for biking, jogging, skiing and strolling
  • Reclining seat for comfortable naps
  • Compact fold for transport
  • Adjusting spring suspension
  • Comfortable padded seats
  • XL cargo space
The Thule Chariot cross-sport stroller is right for four activities like jogging, biking, strolling, and skiing. The shipment includes strolling kit and bicycle trailer kit. Its reclining seat helps with convening one-handed recline for comfortable naps for the kid on the go.

Its versa wing system helps in quick and simple conversion between activities. The compact fold feature makes the stroller easy to store and also transport the trailer.

Its adjusting spring suspension ensures a smooth ride for the biker. It also features comfortable padded seats that are easy to wash and may even be removed easily. This is often one among the simplest bike trailers for cargo.

It are often easily stored for enhanced kick stride. Its clock in store system inconvenient for onboard storage during jogging, strolling and cycling. there’s also a limited lifetime warranty for defects in workmanship and material.

#4. Schwinn Rascal Bike Pet Trailer, For Small and Large Dogs


Special Features:

  • Item weight: 25.9 pounds
  • Wheel diameter: 16 inches
  • Best trailers for pets
  • Unique steel frame
  • Quick-release wheels
  • Compact storage and transport
  • Aluminum rims and air-filled tires
  • Designed for air-ventilation
This is one among the simplest known and most loved bicycles of all times. this is often one among the best bike trailers for pets and is one among the right ways to require the furry friend on a secure bike ride.

The trailer features a singular and folding steel frame. Its quick-release wheels close up neatly for a compact storage and straightforward transportation. To reinforce the flexibility of the trailer, there’s a coupler included, that attaches instantly to almost any bicycle.

It’s aluminum rims and air-filled tires inflate easily with a typical bicycle tire pump. The trailer is meant for lots of air ventilation. The interior leash of the cabin is adjustable and thus keeps the pets from jumping out of the trailer.

There’s also a rear doggy door that permits for simple entrance and exit. The trailer holds a pet of up to 50 pounds. The trailer features a one-year limited warranty and therefore the wheels measure 16 inches.

#5. Allen Sports Deluxe Steel 2-Child Bicycle Trailer


Special Features:

  • Dimensions: 31.5 x 26 x 6.7 inches
  • Weight: 25.7 pounds
  • Lightweight trailer
  • Safe and cozy with double seats
  • 16” rear wheel tires
  • Ideal for family-minded cyclists
  • Foot guard tube to guard the feet of the kid
  • Large front and side windows
  • Velcro bug and rain shield
  • Folding design and quick-release wheels
  • Rear storage compartment
  • Helmet pocket
The Allen sports deluxe steel child trailer is one among the best trailers for teenagers . It’s lightweight and has steel construction for 2 kids of ages 1-5. Its maximum load-bearing capacity of the trailer is about 100 pounds.

The trailer features a 16 inches inflated rear wheel that’s easy to tug without affecting the biking experience. this is often extremely safe and cozy and its double seats have padding and shock absorbent features. The trailers meet the ASTM standards for trailers. This is often an exceptional trailer for family-minded cyclists.

The trailer features a foot guard tube to guard the feet of the kid . there’s safety belt available for every child along side a security flag. This includes large front and side windows and its canopy includes a removable Velcro rain and bug shield. Its folding and collapsible design and quick-release wheels make it easy for transportation and storage.

There are not any tools needed to assemble the trailer. It also includes rear storage compartment, helmet pocket and a universal coupler that attaches to most of the bicycles.

Buying Guide For Best Bike Trailers

Best Bike Trailer for kids

Types of Bike Trailers:

There are numerous bike trailers available within the market, but supported their purpose, they will be divided into three major types. It’s important to understand the differences between each of the sort to assist the user choose the best suiting bike trailers.

  • Multi-sport bike trailers
  • Standard child bike trailer
  • Trailer + stroller + jogger or trailer

Multi-sport Bike Trailers:

These are three in one bike trailers that helps the user to not just bike with the child within the tow but also to jog and stroll with them also . These are one among the simplest bike trailers for pets and children and are spacy and super comfortable.

But they will be a touch difficult to store and to rework from one type to a different . Most of the modern-day models are easy and quick to convert and are ideal for super active parents who use them frequently.

Standard Child Bike Trailer:

These trailers are simple to use, are affordable and are standard bike trailers that are great for folks who are trying to find a simple and safe way with their little ones within the tow.

They are doing not feature stroller and jogger attachments and involves use as a touch sidecar for the kid . The higher-end models have an outsized wheel size and have variety of comfort features making these the best bike trailers for kids.

Trailer + Stroller + Jogger or Trailer:

These sorts of bike trailers feature either a jogging wheel attachment or a stroller wheel. These two in one model are great for folks who are ready to bike with their kids and also stroll or jog from time to time. The convenience and therefore the comfort features of the trailers depend largely on their cost and construction.

Pedal along the kid bike trailers are available also that permits the kid to exercise with the oldsters safely and comfortably. An alternative choice is that the commuter bike trailer that permits the user to commute groceries, essentials and other cargo from one point to a different . There also are bike trailers for pets which are a superb option for dog and cat owners.

Bike Trailers FAQs:

Are Bike trailers really safe for kids?

Bike trailers are extremely safe for toddlers and older children. they’re stable, secure and are practically impossible to flip no matter the condition of the road. The enclosure and safety belts will protect the kid even in rare cases of motorcycle tipping over with the trailer. All of the trailers go along with a 3 point or 5-point harness safety system that keeps the kid seated securely along the ride.

Am I able to use the trailer to hold the pet?

There are a number of the best bike trailers for pets available that have a singular design to carry pets. But the bulk of the kid bike trailers can come to use to carry pets also .

The owner has got to make sure that the pet fits inside the trailer comfortably and that they get an honest view. Trailers for pets are meant specifically for senior and disabled cats and dogs who cannot spend tons of your time within the outdoors by themselves.

How should I transport the trailer?

If the trailer features a collapsible design, it’s possible to fold and carry it however one desires. this is often convenient particularly if one travels by car and uses the bike for specific locations. It’s possible to suit the trailer at the trunk of the car or at the rear seat.

The parent needn’t detach the trailer from the bike whenever the child is completed using it, keep it attached in the least the time and save time and energy in constantly installing and de-installing the bike trailer.


How To Pick The Best Bike Trailer For Kids?

Best Bike Trailer for kids

There are variety of things to think about when it involves choosing the simplest bike trailers. Choosing the best trailers depends on the dimensions of the family, age of the kid or the pet, cargo that’s to be transported, etc. It’s important to determine what one is trying to find before learning the trailer. Some important things to think about before making the ultimate choice are,

  • Cabin Size
  • Weight Capacity
  • Sort of The Seat
  • Safety
  • Storage Size
  • Suspension System
  • Wheels, Brakes, and Handlebars

Cabin Size:

The first important thing to think about with the bike trailer is that the number of seats that one needs. Most of the trailers accompany two seats, whereas some models have the selection of either one or two.

There’s a choice of seat number while ordering the bike trailer. Single-seat trailers are easy to maneuver and also to store. Double seat trailers, on the opposite hand, render more flexibility in long biking trips.

Weight Capacity:

Each of the bike trailers has its own rating for a specific weight. for instance , if the load capacity is 80 pounds, that’s the entire weight capacity of the trailer to carry both the kid and therefore the storage. Weight is a very important parameter to stay an eye fixed on if the rider is getting to gain tons of extras.

Sort of The Seat:

There are two general sorts of seats to be used inside the bike trailer, namely supportive and sagging seats. A supportive seat is one during which each of the passengers has their own individual seat. These seats are generally hammock-style seats that are supported with a harness.

These seats are far more comfortable and are ideal for long rides. They’re also safe generally . A sagging seat makes the passenger sit on the ground of the carriage. Such seats are present in low-cost versions of motorcycle trailers.


This is one among the foremost critical factors while choosing the bike trailer. the large question with bike trailers is that, are they really safe? One common denominator that answers this question is certification.

The most effective of the bike trailers have a nationally recognized safety certification. aside from safety features, there are variety of add-ons available also .

Choose a trailer with a bright color in order that it’s more visible. A trailer in bright colors is far easier to ascertain . Also, choose trailers with reflective gears on all four sides and also on the wheels. These are critical visibility factors in the least times.

The next add-on is safety. Most of the trailers feature an external cover to stay out bugs, wind, and rain. But it also allows air to vent within the cabin. A number of the covers have dedicated UV protection screen also to stop excessive exposure to the sun.

Storage Size:

Most of the storage compartments are at the behind of the trailer. There also are basket attachments available to exchange the second seat. Choose trailers with ample space for storing . The size of the space for storing are generally listed within the bike trailer description.

Suspension System:

A good suspension helps during a comfortable ride for the passengers. the necessity for this suspension depends on the surface of the plain that one desired to ride on. The suspension is that the must for those getting to ride off-road.

Wheels, Brakes, and Handlebars:

These three factors affect the smoothness of the ride. Most of the bike trailers wheels are either 16” or 20 “. They also accompany plastic or metal rims. A 20” wheel with air and metal rims is usually more stable and can last longer than a 16” tire with plastic rims.

A number of the trailers have foot brakes and a few have hand brakes. Foot brakes lock the rear wheels, hand brakes hamper the trailer and are generally found on strollers and joggers. Brakes are a crucial a part of trailer construction. Also, choose an adjusting handlebar that adjusts to multiple sizes and also swivels.


Hope our guide helps you to seek out the best bike trailer for your little ones. Shopping around and finding the most effective trailer may be a tedious process, and thus we’ve made the method pretty simpler for you. We hope our list of the most effective 5 bike trailers helps you in choosing the best trailer for your children.


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