✅ The 5 Best balance bikes in [2020]


Getting a Balance Bike for your child may be a huge call. it’s not a simple task as a result of it most likely is their initial bike ride. Although, any bike will teach a child the way to balance, however a well-managed balance bike size and quality ensures the most effective expertise.

Seeing such a large amount of choicesout there, selecting a perfect balance bike are often a confusing task to try and do. Proper analysis before shopping for the balance bike will assist you get the appropriate bike for your kid.

This can be why I actually have done some analysis supported the age, height and physical maturity of the kid, to assist you get through the hurdles.

Here We’re representing our analysis, thus you’ll purchase best balance bike. Let’s go:

Best Balance Bikes

The 5 Best Balance Bikes – [2020]

  1. Bixe Extreme Light (4 lb) Purple Balance Bike
  2. Strider – 12 Sport Balance Bike
  3. Cruzee UltraLite Balance Bike (4.4 lbs)
  4. TheCroco LIGHTEST Aluminum Balance Bike
  5. Playshion Kids Balance Bike

Best balance bikes Reviews

#1. Best Balance Bikes (18 months to 5 years): Bixe Extreme Light (4 lb) Purple Balance Bike

Bixe Extreme Light Balance Bike

Features of the Bixe Extreme Light (4 lb) Purple Balance Bike:

  • Weight: 4 lbs and Extreme Light Weight
  • Body: Aluminum frame and foam tires
  • Dimension: 17″ 20″ 24″
  • Easy to assemble
  • Safe, Secured and Durable with tamper proof clamps

Bike riding expertise ought to be fun not concern. With Bixe Balance bike you’ll offer this journey to your bambino. With 4LBs weight, it makes one in every of the lightest balance bikes within the world.

Now, this can be specifically what you wish for your child. The seat of this balance bike will get adjusted as low as 11″ from the bottom.

Balance Bike for Kids 22

It is a requirement Balance bike because it is very reasonable and safe for small hands. supported the toddler’s height and preference, you’ll modify the seat. Not solely the seat however handlebars can even be adjusted supported however so much or shut you wish it for your child.

It is one in every of the most effective choices offered to allow you to child learn the bike riding. it’s designed by keeping your child’s safety at vision and moto. it’ll be the most effective Balance bike if you’re searching for a safer, secured and sturdy bike.

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#2. Best Balance Bike (No Paddle): Strider – 12 Sport Balance Bike



Features of the Strider – 12 Sport Balance Bike:

  • Adjustable seat and handlebar for 18 months to 5 years old
  • Weight: 6.7 lbs.
  • Body: Steel frame and puncture-proof tires
  • Easy to install
  • Durable and Safe

This Bike may be a totally different approach to let your children learn to ride the bike for journey. This has everything that you simply wish for your children to make sure safety. You’ll simply modify the fitting of the balance bike from custom grips, cushioned saddle, bar pad, and fast unharness clamps with none tool adjustment.

The twelve sport is that the upgraded and excellent version of performance, options, and value. The seat is extra-long, adjustable to balance your bambino or pre-schooler.


Mini-grips on the handle mean your kid’s very little hands will simply management the bike. This balance bike for toddlers may be a package crammed with thrill, lean, mean, and sturdy options. it’s simply not a bike it’s way more than that. You children can get introduced to the liberty, power, and responsibility of riding.

Strider - 12 Sport Balance Bike 55

Now you don’t ought to carry strollers to hold a baby. Being a footer family, the liberty and luxury is that the main issue that your kid can expertise. Regardless of what proportion your kid place rigorous things, this sturdy bike goes to face harm.

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#3. Best Balance Bike (1.5 to 5 Years): Cruzee UltraLite Balance Bike (4.4 lbs)

Cruzee UltraLite Balance Bike

Features of the Cruzee UltraLite Balance Bike (4.4 lbs):

  • No-pedal Cruzee balance bike
  • Body: Rust-free anodized aluminum
  • Adjustable Seat and Handlebar
  • Weight: 4.4lbs
  • Easy to Install

This is a completely totally different approach to let your children learn the leveling initial. it’s not sort of a standard Balance Bike and has no pedals. Your kids can learn to balance initial solely on 2 wheels.

As a result of leveling may be a difficult business whereas pedaling comes straightforward. it’s once during a life investment wherever you’re about to pay less and obtain way more than that.

Cruzee Ultralite Balance Bike

The body is robust enough to carry any damages and accidents. This Cruze balance bike has wide seat and bar adjustment which will accommodate kids upto three years. It’s extraordinarily light-weight which is able to build confidence in your bambino. With comfy sitting and soft grip, it’ll offer performance & safety.

It’s absolute fun as a result of it’s one in every of its kind. No different “no pedal” bike promote freedom and management. however with this Balance bike, you’ll expect high-end learning expertise.

Cruzee Ultralite Balance Bike

It will let the kids treasure each moment as their confidence grows. Not solely they however you furthermore may will see the robust bond created between you which will last a life.

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#4. Best Balance Bike (1.5 to 5 years): TheCroco LIGHTEST Aluminum Balance Bike

heCroco LIGHTEST Aluminum Balance Bike

Features of TheCroco LIGHTEST Aluminum Balance Bike:

  • Weight: 4.3 lbs
  • Body: Aluminum frame
  • Extremely light and Portable
  • Adjustable Seat and Handlebar
  • Easy to install

If your child is requesting a motorcycle and you’re getting to get him/her one, then my suggestion is to travel with this Balance Bike. it’s every and each feature that you simply could be searching for.

With simply a weight of two kilogram, it’s Associate in Nursing ultralight bike to let your kids keep pushing forward with none drawback. The little rider can feel the management and freedom in their hands. With this bike, the child can develop their motor skills.

TheCroco - LIGHTEST Aluminum Balance Bike

It will simply accommodate kids Ages from eighteen months – five years as a result of the seat will get adjusted from eleven.5 to 18.5 inch. Similarly, the bar can even be shifted consistent with the peak. you may visualize the improvement within the confidence and improvement within the coordination power.

The body of this Balance Bike is formed with a rugged metal frame with integrated footstool and tires square measure flat-free EVA chemical compound tires.

TheCroco - LIGHTEST Aluminum Balance Bike tyre

Now, this can be what which is able to get assembled with none tool and time. Being light-weight doesn’t create it non-durable bike. it’ll stand by your child for long, regardless of what it went through.

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#5. Best Balance Bike (18 months to 5 years): Playshion Kids Balance Bike

Playshion Kids Balance Bike

Features of the Playshion Kids Balance Bike:

  • Adjustable Seat and Handlebars
  • Easy to install
  • Dimension: 11.5 to 18.5 inch
  • Weight:7.8lbs
  • Tires: EVA polymer-puncture proof and flat-free

The Balance Bike is sweet for your growing kid. The seat of the bike will get adjusted from 11″ to 17”. Similarly, the bar will get fastened consistent with the selection from a height of 18″ to 23″. it’s the most effective and appropriate Balance bike offered for indoor and out of doors use.


Playshion Kids Balance Bike

It has special footrests designed in it which is able to enable kids to rest their feet after they square measure bored with sail planing and leveling. you’ll simply assemble it to begin the functions. It’ll facilitate children learn to balance the bike 1st before learning the way to pedal.

Playshion Kids Balance Bike

Playshion balance bike can begin to be the most effective investment for the physical health and fun of your kid. It’s got built keeping the kid safety in mind and it fulfills the moto. For installation, you’re about to would like no tool and in three simple steps, you’re done putting in.

Tires and body of this balance bike square measure robust to stay rolling on any hurdles and accidents. It certainly will be are about to be|are} the one issue that your bambino is rarely going to say no to.

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Things to consider while buying balance bikes

  • Size
  • Weight
  • Design
  • Tire
  • Brake



Size is one in every of the foremost necessary things to visualize once choosing a balance bike. Of course, identical bike will not fit an 18-month-old and a six-year-old. To visualize the proper size, see if your kid will get each their feet on the ground simply. aside from this, contemplate tire and seat height to judge the proper bike for your child.



As a parent, you don’t need a significant bike for your kid. this can be why determination weight may be a crucial step for a balance bike. Athletic children will upset significant bikes however petite children will have a tough time managing heavier bikes. So, continually select a bike that weights but half-hour of your child’s weight.



A well-designed balance bike can continually have enough space between the seat and therefore the handlebars. {this will this will offer many house to kids to broaden their legs so that they can run well. continually check the house between the rear tire and therefore the seat once it’s fixed to its lowest position.



The tires of balance bikes play a very important role for swish expertise. It determines and maintains the traction on varied surfaces. Air tires square measure the most effective tires for all purpose and supply the foremost cushion and traction whereas foam tires square measure reasonable, lighter, and puncture-proof. Fat Boy tires are best to accommodate confidence in children to fancy jumps.



Hand brakes square measure the powerhouse to avoid any injury and save kids’ shoes. the look of hand brakes comes during a type of vary. Higher-end bikes typically have short-reach brakes that square measure best for tiny hands. this permits toddlers to achieve the split larger ease.


Prevention Steps While Riding a Balance Bike



Head injuries square measure the foremost common injuries from bicycle accidents. continually insist a helmet to cut back the prospect of brain injury. Check the match of the helmet before shopping for. If your kid features a fall, replace the helmet like a shot.


Maintain The Bike

Maintain the handlebars and seats of a balanced bike. Check if seats and brakes are tight and also the chain is oiled properly. Also, keep a check on tires to make sure that the brakes work properly.

Teach Hand Signals

To avoid any issues on road, teach common hand signals at the side of road rules like traffic signs. it’s best to urge the habit of exploitation hand signals and follow traffic laws.

Ride in Secured Places

A child cannot valuate the speed of cars. this can be why prohibit the riding to bike methods, sidewalks, and parks. however regardless of wherever your kid is riding, continually keep a watch on them.


Supervise Toddlers

Making choices whereas riding balance bike isn’t simple for a child. continually supervise them at the time of riding. Teach them regarding bicycle safety rules like not about to the road and awaiting traffic.


FAQ’s for Balance Bike

Q: What is the ideal age for balance bikes?

A: A child ought to ideally begin balance bike riding at the age of 2. the earlier you may begin helping your kids with their balance on a bike, the higher they’re going to become with time.


Q: Does a kid need lowering kit to lower the seat?

A: It altogether depends on the peak of the kid. it’s very necessary to visualize if your kid will bit the bottom with each feet flat, not simply with the toes. this can be why most of the 2 years old kids would like the lowering kit.


Q: What is the required minimum height to ride Balance Bike?

A: With the impeccable balance bike styles, kids from eighty seven cm will ride the bike simply. The seat adapter models, expansive tires and basic model with solid wheels are often utilized by kids from 84 cm.


Q: Which is better: balance bike or tricycles?

A: it’s a no brainer answer. Tricycles and bikes are useful to show your child the way to pedal. however if you look closely, you may see balance bikes teach your child the art of leveling to create it easier and natural in a while.


Hop on For a Thrilling Ride!

So, there you’ve got all the mandatory data regarding balance bike that you simply are searching for. I hope my analysis can facilitate the lucky young rider to own a gala time obtaining up some speed.

Like a shot head over to a close-by look and don’t forget to visualize higher than mentioned criteria for purchasing an appropriate bike. move and provides them their initial balance bike for his or her initial ever thrilling and adventurous ride.

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